The Addams Family — Just Act Normal

When bringing a show from the golden age of television to life on stage, it might be a cool twist for the production to reproduce everything on stage in black and white — makeup, furniture, clothes, and … everything. It seems a novel approach to design production. #justforfun

And even though The Addams Family is in full, glorious color, Midland Center for the Arts produces another winner. It’s funny, the costumes are fantastic, the singing and dancing has never been better, and you won’t find better set design, even on Broadway. Tickets are available for performances during the rest of the month. Treat yourself to a great October show.

So, in lieu of the stage being in monochrome, I stripped the color out of these photos to simulate what it would have looked like to me — after I’d race home to watch reruns of The Addams Family and The Munsters back-to-back after school.