Book: Storynomics

This is great! 200 years after the origin of interruption advertising, Storynomics is a step-by-step how-to guide inviting advertisers to evolve into a species of fit storytellers. It’s a story of how modern brands like Apple and Amazon are connecting with customers. Maybe your customers are called “members” or “attenders” in your organization. This book is for you, too.

A few notes

A narrative can be simply telling facts: A woman got out of bed, made coffee, spilled some, cleaned it up. So on and so forth. Narrating her steps. It can be confused as a story. But it isn’t.

Netflix and Spotify (and others) have learned viewers/listeners are willing to pay extra to get rid of advertising. This is a brand new development in the evolution of advertising. Hulu learned from their mistake only after they reintroduced commercials into their programming).

Pay attention to Red Bull’s marketing. McKee is high on it.

Apple’s “Misunderstood” advertisement. I guess it’s not just me who thought it had a killer plot twist.

The book’s notes give great references to the stats they cover in the book. So valuable!

“When told beautifully, a little goes a long way.”

Storynomics. 10 of 10.

Finished 9/15/2018.