Book: Morning Routine

Morning Routine by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander, is a book of stories of how successful people attempt to start everyday inspired.

Not an early riser? You can still have a successful morning routine. This book will give anyone hope because there's no thread that runs through every interviewee's routine. Some don't even call it a routine. And they're still in the book. But, there are some similarities among them ...

From the book: “For the curious reader, here is a breakdown of the statistics taken from our interviews with more than 300 people (53% female, 47% male) about their morning routines.


  • 7:29 h Sleep avg., 6:24 a.m. Wake-up avg., 10:57 p.m. Bedtime avg.
  • The early birds we spoke with start their day as early as 3:00 A.M., while some of the late risers sleep in past 9:00. By 8:30, 97% of the people we interviewed are up.
  • 70% Use an alarm, 39% Same routine on weekends, 33% Snooze, 56% Can follow routine anywhere
  • Thirty-eight percent of our interviewees sleep 8 hours a night, followed by 35% who sleep 7 hours, and 14% who sleep just 6.
  • 54% Meditate, 48% Check email immediately, 78% Exercise, 60% Check phone immediately
  • As for breakfast, more than half (53%) of the people we interviewed have fruit for breakfast, but eggs (40%), oatmeal (33%), toast and other forms of bread (32%), and smoothies (21%) are also firm favorites. Fifty-seven percent of our participants drink water first thing in the morning, but coffee (29%) and tea (8%) are also popular choices.”

Finished 07/07/18