The only reason to be hesitant about buying the Airpods was because of the price — over $160 after tax on Amazon! I'll often hesitate on things that cost that much money.

And by the time I got around to contemplating it, I'd heard maybe Apple was going to release Airpods 2.

So I procrastinated more.

I haven't watched any videos about how the AirPods could be better. Sometimes comparison is the thief of joy. I wanted to see if the AirPods could perform exactly as I needed them to.

So, here, I'm chronicling my first few days of use. (The pods can be paired with non-iPhone devices, but I am using them with an iPhone X.)

If you order from Amazon, know the AirPods can't be shipped on a plane — because of the battery in them. So, you won't get them in two days unless you're nearer a distribution center than I am. I ordered them on Thursday, June 28 and Amazon said I'd get them on Thursday, July 5. They, indeed, arrived Monday, July 2.

Day 1: Within an hour of the box arriving in the mail I was on a 2-hour phone call. The AirPods ran out of battery life. Left ear first. Then right ear a few minutes later. I needed to finish the call without headphones. And I was at Burger King. So, luckily, we weren't discussing any NSA secrets during this particular call. Note to self. Carry a backup in my backpack.  

Day 2: ...