There are some cells on the storyboard which are finished. Only some. But enough to start the actual work of animating some cells.

So today I started defining the look and feel of the storyboard onto the screen and began one of the simple animations. Using Apple Keynote. 

Apple Keynote is my animation software of choice, and it's what I'll use for the rest of the video. I wanted to simply post the next step in the process of getting my client's video created.

I posted it on my instagram. And is below.

Lemme know if you have any technical questions as to how the animation is made.

Editor's note: compare the difference between the storyboard screen and this first draft of the cell. The client may very well come back and say "it doesn't look like the storyboard you mocked up. If that happens, we'll walk through it together to help them meet their goals and preferences.