Birdtalker's One Album

With a new album out this week, Birdtalker starts vying for domination of my Spotify playlist for another year. Four releases from their EP last year, and an additional a single from their then-upcoming full album — One —  made it into the the top fifteen most-listened-to tracks from 2017. 


Birdtalker's released half of the songs on the album as singles — so I've heard a lot of it already. One brand new song is Be Where You Are.  

Don't be afraid of how you feel
Don't look for life in past or future
Look it straight in the eye
After this moment, there's a new one
Be here you are ...

The song reminded me of a story.

“One day the Buddha was speaking to a prince. The prince asked him, “What do you and your monks do in your monastery?” The Buddha said, “We sit and we walk and we eat.” The prince replied, “How are you different, then, from my people, for we do those things as well?” The Buddha responded, “When we sit, we know we are sitting. When we walk, we know we are walking. When we eat, we know we are eating.”

2017 was a great year for music. And 2018 is shaping up to be a knockout, too.  

I saw Birdtalker in concert three times last year, and I'm trying to get to as many this year. Their tour starts the end of July. Catch them when they're in your neck of the woods. Or, go to someone else's neck of the woods to catch them.