Ireland — one way for $150?

My bride and I flew from Chicago to Dublin, Ireland for $150 a piece.

Luggage was $50 more per passenger (Ireland was the starting point of our 16 day trip in Europe).

The only thing I really regret from the trip is not figuring how to travel lighter.

My wife and I each had suitcases weighing 44lbs/20kg. Ugh. It was a #painpoint. 

Even if we were supposed to dress up for dinner each night on our cruise. Even if there were two "gala nights" — where you dress even fancier. There's got to be a better way to budget travel and still have clothes to wear. 

With our four flights during the trip, we each paid $230 to transport luggage.  

Meanwhile, I'm scheming ways to travel lighter (i.e. ship clothes, buy clothes in country, go nude).

Any ideas? Leave a comment below.